Postdoc position on metal release from permafrost available!

Apply ASAP and before Jan 28, 2024

Current Postdoctoral Fellowship (via the National Park Foundation)

Application Link:

Title: The Resilience & Vulnerability of Arctic Rivers to Permafrost Thaw and Emergent Environmental Toxicity

Research Questions:

  1. How is permafrost thaw affecting the mobilization of toxic metals?
  2. What is the vulnerability of aquatic biota to increased metal exposure?
  3. How do watershed properties influence the resilience of streams and rivers to thaw-induced metal mobilization?

The deadline to apply is January 28, 2024, or until 75 applications (per position) have been received, whichever comes first.

To apply, please submit the following information in a zipped file to Include the last name of the fellow applicant in the file name of the zipped file.

  • A cover letter stating interest and vision for the fellowship (letters may include a summary of the dissertation, a statement of personal research interests and plans, discussion of past engagement with sciences, discussion of willingness to participate fully in NPS research and education programs).
  • A full curriculum vitae.
  • Research Proposal, must include:
    • Methods. Explain how you would approach the research need. (500 word maximum, excluding references)
    • Project Budget. Can you accomplish project based on funds provided by this Fellowship or do you anticipate additional funding will be needed? Please specify.
    • Project Timeline, not to exceed three years.
    • Description of Resources provided by the sponsoring institution.
    • Request for NPS Resources. Such as park access, NPS Scientific Research and Collecting Permit(s), staff time and/or resources, database access.
    • Prior Work Experience with the NPS, please specify if any.
    • Diversity and Inclusion Statement. Please explain how you will enrich the SIP Program’s goal to support a diverse and inclusive community. You are encouraged to discuss any previous work in this area and to provide specific examples. (500 word maximum)
  • Confirmation that that PhD has been or will be awarded by January 1, 2024.
  • The names and contact information for three professional references.
  • Letter of support from the relevant administrator at the sponsoring institution.