ETX - 40 Contaminants in Our Environment

The objective of this course is to impart a modern understanding of chemical contaminants in the environment that affect the health of the environment and its organisms, including humans. Emphasis is placed on contaminant properties, sources, and movement in air, water, and soil. Students gain experience accessing and quantitatively evaluating reliable information on contaminants and documented occurrences that impact their health and the health of the environment, in both a local and global context.

Offered Winter Quarter

  • Learning Activities: Lecture/Discussion 3 hour(s).
  • Grade Mode: Letter.
  • General Education: Science & Engineering (SE); Scientific Literacy (SL).


ETX 180 - Chemistry and Toxicology of Metals

This course provides a comprehensive overview of trace metal contaminants in natural and human-altered environments, with an emphasis on how the chemistry of metals ultimately controls their environmental fate and toxicity. Topics will include metals of both long-standing interest (e.g., lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium) and of contemporary concern (e.g., engineered nanoparticles). Students gain experience using numerical models to quantitively evaluate the behavior and toxicity of metals in a variety of systems.

Offered Spring Quarter

  • Learning Activities: Lecture/Discussion 4 hour(s).
  • Grade Mode: Letter.
  • General Education: Science & Engineering (SE); Quantitative Literacy (QL); Scientific Literacy (SL); Visual Literacy (VL).

I also teach modules for ETX - 220 (Analysis of Toxicants) and PTX - 201 (Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology).